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Set pulses racing with this great value collection of customer-favourite vibrators. The kit makes a perfect gift, especially for those new to sex toys, and each of these easy-to-use vibes delivers different orgasmic sensations to enhance your sex life.
$183.00 incl GST
If you’re the kind of person who thinks two orgasms are better than one, you’re in for a treat.
$69.00 incl GST
360° flexible fit. Wide head and flexible neck offer incredible sensations.
$38.70 incl GST $129.00 incl GST
Reach the big Orgasm without having to lift a finger. Designed to be worn alone or under knickers, the Rebecca Panty Vibe is bursting with 9 explosive vibration modes which are operated by a wiredless controller. Play solo, with a partner, at home, or out and about.
$125.00 incl GST
The Baud Wearable Couple's Massager is designed to help you and your partner experience a shared, simultaneous orgasm. Curved for your pleasure, the toy fits snugly to your body for hands-free clitoral, G-spot, and penis stimulation, letting both partners feel intense vibrations.
$97.00 incl GST
Looking for some double trouble? Look no further than Tricker, our double-duty vibrator. Harnessing the epic power of rumbly vibrations and suctions, this pretty vibe expertly stimulates your G-spot and your clitoris simultaneously.
$81.90 incl GST $117.00 incl GST
Fall in lust with limited edition Perfume. Looking gorgeous in perfume design, the Perfume is here to introduce you to the groundbreaking delights of a suction-like sensation that entirely bathes your clitoris in bliss.
$106.25 incl GST $125.00 incl GST
The Planet delivers gentle air vibrations that suck and massage, to create longer, more intense orgasms.
$88.90 incl GST $127.00 incl GST
The petite arouser fits between your fingers to let you deliver pinpoint tantalization and thrill with flickering vibrations.
$41.30 incl GST $59.00 incl GST
Get ready for some new sensations. Pairing the internal thrills of a love egg's bulb with the incredible stimulation of a rose's clitoral kisses, this gorgeous toy gives you 9 vibe functions 9 licking, and 9 thrusting functions to explore and enjoy.
$110.00 incl GST $220.00 incl GST
A must-have accessory for any budding romance. Combining the ecstasy-inducing rose clitoral licking stimulator with a flexible, G-spot stroking handle, this toy is bound to leave you feeling rosy and good, with 9 different functions to adore.
$39.50 incl GST $79.00 incl GST
Treat your lower lips to a touch of bliss with the Tara G-Kiss Vibrator. Crafted from heavenly smooth silicone and shaped to offer heavenly dual stimulation to your G-spot and clitoris, it offers 9 vibration modes of pure pleasure.
$139.00 incl GST
Looking for a strapless strap-on that will let you and your partner enjoy hands-free pleasure? Look no further than the Rechargeable Silicone Nana Strapless Strap-On!
$150.50 incl GST $215.00 incl GST
A new take on your typical clitoral vibrator, Twinkle features a hoop-shaped tip that delivers its 9 functions with precision your sweet spot will thank you for. Gorgeous and glorious to hold, use it for solo sessions or share with a lover for joint bliss.
$75.00 incl GST
Fly over the edge of ecstasy again and again with the Frozen 9 Function Rabbit Vibrator.
$60.20 incl GST $86.00 incl GST
The Regines Wearable Couple's Massager is designed to help you and your partner experience a shared, simultaneous orgasm.
$159.00 incl GST
Squirrelled away in your make-up bag, with the Lipstick Vibrator your sexiest secret stays completely discreet yet on hand whenever you need it. Powerful 9-mode vibrations channel through the lipstick tip for swift gratification.
$88.00 incl GST
Tiny but mighty, you'll love the versatile design of the wearable Pheobe vibrator. It blends clitoral, g-spot, and anal stimulation to create the perfect climax.
$88.20 incl GST $126.00 incl GST
A sleek pocket rocket with plenty of possibilities. This bullet offers ultra-powerful vibrations at 9 modes in a compact and discreet design. Waterproof for adventurous play and conveniently USB-rechargeable.
$29.00 incl GST
Propel yourself towards orgasmic bliss and climactic crescendos with the thrusting shaft of this powerful bunny.
$191.00 incl GST
Take pleasure your way with intuitive controls that allow you to explore 9 functions and 9 intensities without having to break away from the pleasure.
$104.30 incl GST $149.00 incl GST
With curves in all the right places, this G-spot vibrator is on a mission to satisfy your hotspots.
$128.00 incl GST
A seriously clever design if ever we saw one, this multitasking sex toy defies the saying "jack of all trades, master of none". This whip is the master of ALL!
$125.00 incl GST
Rose tongue and G spot vibrator can keep constant contact with your clitoris while stimulating your G-spot.
$79.00 incl GST
Unwind your body and mind with the Allureluv Health Rechargeable Silicone Body Massager. Powerful, rumbling vibrations can be felt deep below the skin, releasing your knots and increasing blood flow.
$109.00 incl GST
Easily tease and please your sensitive spots or your partner's with this versatile finger vibrator, featuring a removable bullet vibrator and body-safe silicone finger sleeve with a stimulating tongue.
$136.00 incl GST
Perfect pleasure at your fingertips. Featuring dual motors in shaft tip and clitoral stimulator, this cute little finger vibe packs a punch.
$125.00 incl GST
Clitoral bliss with a flick of the wrist. Perfect for solo or partner play.
$36.00 incl GST
Proof that good things come in small packages. Perfect for pinpoint stimulation during foreplay or alone time.
$67.20 incl GST $96.00 incl GST
Easily and comfortably adjust the neck to find your ideal fit, and let the two powerful motors do their thing.
$126.00 incl GST
These versatile double vibrating bullets are multi-speed, discreet, and perfectly pocket-sized. Great to use alone or with a partner.
$115.00 incl GST
Give your flower a bloomin' good gift with these vibrating Kegel balls. Super soft silicone and progressive weights make strengthening your PC muscles a delight and can help to deliver more intense and satisfying orgasms.
$94.00 incl GST
Allureluv's immensely powerful egg vibrator set is perfect for varied and intense clitoral stimulation.
$59.00 incl GST
Embark on a journey of heightened pleasure with the Ripple dildo! This colorful, alien-style toy is perfect for those who want to spice up their bedroom fun.
$39.00 incl GST
When you want your first strap-on to look and feel just like the real thing, the Bark Strap-On Harness is just what you’ve been looking for!
$62.50 incl GST $125.00 incl GST
Be it up, down, or round and round, this hot-spot-seeking vibe will have you squirming with pleasure when you discover its multiple motions.
$167.30 incl GST $239.00 incl GST
Be it up, down, or round and round, this hot-spot-seeking vibe will have you squirming with pleasure when you discover its multiple motions.
$203.15 incl GST $239.00 incl GST
Bend me, shape me, any way you want me...
$19.00 incl GST
Bend me, shape me, any way you want me...
$19.00 incl GST
Introducing our latest glow-in-the-dark delight: the Blue & White Glow In The Dark Silicone Dildo, coming in at a tantalizing 5.7 inches!
$32.00 incl GST
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