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Loyalty & Reward Points

Do you offer a Loyalty Program?

Absolutely! We cherish our delighted returning customers. Earn reward points, which can be utilized to offset your purchase cost, by either creating a user account or making purchases.


How many Reward Points I earn?

By creating a user account with us, you will receive 50 points.

Upon completion of an order, you will earn 1 point for every $2 spent on the order subtotal (excluding shipping costs). For instance, if your order totals $50 with an additional $10 for shipping, upon completion, you will receive 25 points.


How much is a Reward Point worth?

Each point holds a value of $0.1, allowing you to deduct this amount from your total during your next order.

In essence, you're eligible to redeem 5% of your order subtotal in the form of these points, contributing to your savings on future purchases.


How can I use Reward Points?

Continuing with the examples provided, let's say you have accumulated 75 points (50 from registering and 25 from the completed order). In your subsequent order, when you proceed to checkout and reach the 'Payment Methods' step, you will encounter the option to utilize your points. It will appear as follows: 'Use my reward points - 75 reward points ($7.50) available for this order.' Simply select this option, and your payable amount will be reduced by $7.50.


How long do I have to spend my reward points?

All accumulated reward points, whether obtained through registration or purchases, remain valid for a period of 180 days from the date of issuance.


Do I need to register a user account to earn and use Reward Points?

While we highly recommend registering a user account to fully leverage the benefits of our Reward Points program, if you prefer ordering as a guest, you can still accrue points from your previous purchases. However, there's a simple step to follow: please click the link in your order confirmation email. This link will lead you to the order details page, where you can review your Reward Point history and apply them towards your next purchase.

It's important to note that, in some instances, if you have multiple orders as 'Guest', we may not be able to combine them in one place. If you encounter such cases, please inform us, and we will assist you accordingly.


How do I check my reward points?

Sign in to your account or click the order link in your emails. Then, navigate to the 'Reward points' section under the 'My account' menu at the top of the page.